The Nanny is on Syfy Channel


The Nanny, directed by Joel Novoa (Arrow), a movie I recently had the chance to co-score with Pablo Croissier has landed distribution with Syfy Channel (NBC Universal).

The movie stars Nicholas Brendon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Criminal Minds, Coherence) and Jaime Murray (Defiance, Dexter, Warehouse 13); the duo interprets a married couple that hires an insane house-keeper.

Schuyler Fisk (Orange County), Jennifer Marshall (A Haunting), Nick Gomez (The Walking Dead), Christian Graniere (Days of Our Lives), Robert Zarchar (Power Rangers), Jadin Harris and Elle Coventry are also part of the great cast of the film.

The movie was a blast to score, especially interesting was the use of the daxophone, a wooden bowed instrument to represent the nature of the Erklog a creature from the forest that is born from bark.

You can watch The Nanny on SyFy here!

Orlando Perez Rosso